Eastern Express

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Duration - 2 Days
  • Day 1 - 16 hours
  • Day 2 - 16 hours
Tour Description
Eastern Express is a childhood dream. The train ride takes 24 hours. In fact you are not going to get anywhere. The real thing is to be on the road! The route to Eastern Express is: ─░stanbul> Ankara> Kirikkale> Kayseri> Sivas> Erzincan> Erzurum> Kars.
Special Considerations
Alcoholic beverages are not sold in train. Each compartment is cleaned carefully before the expedition (honestly, I'm convinced about that). In the sleeping car, there are toilets at the beginning and end of the wagon, one of which is alaturka and the other is alafranga. The toilets are cleaned before the expedition.
Soap and toilet paper are also included in the washbasins in both the toilets and sleepers but may end up on the end of the journey. No wifi. In most of the journey, your smartphone is on and I have good news for those who use social media actively: 4g is available for most of the train journey. There is no suitcase area outside the sleeper. Outfit Advice on the Eastern Express:
Kars, especially during the winter season, -10 at night, -40 degrees at night. That's why; A very good coat, gloves, underwear, boots, pants should be taken before you go. The train stops at small stations 2-3 minutes. In big cities, it stops for 6-7 minutes, so you can take your needs and set foot in 4-5 cities. Eastern Express Wagons:I also have good news for those who can't leave their cat and dog: pets are allowed.WAGONS
Pulman: It is a normal-seat vagina. The seats are very spacious. But the spirit of the Orient Express is not suitable for these wagons.
Either chase or sleepers should be preferred.
These wagons are used in short journeys.
Covered Bunks: There are 4-seat seats in a compartment and the seats can turn into beds.
They give you very clean sheets and you make your bed yourself.
I only have one suggestion here: girls and boys can stay in separate compartments. Therefore, 4 seats must be purchased.
Beds: Beds in a compartment are bunk beds for 2 people.
There are also a mini fridge, an electric socket, a table and a sink in the compartment.
I traveled with Eastern Express in this part and had a very comfortable journey (announced to those who always want a comfy trip!)
Meals: 4 people table. The prices are just fine.
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2-Day Tour
  • Day 1 - 16 hours
  • Day 2 - 16 hours
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