Introduction to Berlin: The Must-See Sites

Berlin, Germany
Tour Fee
4 hrs
Tour Description
Join me for a journey through the center of Berlin - and nearly 800 years of fascinating history. In four hours we will jump between different periods of time in history: the rise and decline of the Hohenzollern dynasty and the Prussian kingdom, the second German empire, the two World Wars and the time between them, the 12 dreadful years of the Nazi regime, as well as the years of division and the life behind the Berlin Wall.

During this tour we will see the must-see monuments and historical sites, as well as some hidden corners, remnants and marks from all the political shifts that Berlin knew. We will see the Rechstag building, the Berlin Wall, the wherabouts of Hitleräs Bunker, the Brandenburg Gate, the Royal Palace, the Holocaust Memorial and the book burning square. These places and others, as well as the stories behind them will help us sink into the rich history of the city and allow us to connect the dots into the present, and understand how Berlin became what it is - maybe the most fascinating city on earth.
Special Considerations
This tour has a decent amount of walking (around 6 km), please bring comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.

The tour time includes a refreshment break.
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