The Singapore Experience

Tour Fee
4 hrs
Additional Fees
Additional Fees Description
Transport provision for 4 hours for a maximum of 12 persons.
Total Fees
Tour Description
The tour starts off at your preferred pick up point. From there we shall be heading via public transport to the civic district of Singapore in the heart of the city. We shall be visiting the icon of Singapore; The Merlion.
Thereafter, we shall be making our way to Chinatown via the local bus service through the financial district. The oldest Chinese temple and a glimpse of our early settlements will be shown. Our next stop will be Little India as we travel through the local metro train stations. We will be delightfully greeted by the colorful and yet new orientated design of the local community. A light refreshment in the form of hot ginger tea and snacks will be savored. Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon!
Special Considerations
Please do note that the transport fees are not included in this tour. If there is any special requests, please do allow me 24 hours to get the transportation ready.
In terms of dietary, please do advise of there is any special diets for any of you and I will be glad to ensure compliance.
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