Historical Sites

Tour Fee
7 hrs
Additional Fees
Additional Fees Description
Museum card for the traveler: 185 Turkish Liras / $36 American dollars. valid for 5 days (120 hours) Museum pass for the guide: 70 Turkish Liras / $12 American dollars.
Total Fees
Tour Description
In this tour you will be able to visit all the following historical sites:
- The Aya Sofya
- The Topkapı Palace
- The Blue Mosque
- TheBasilica Cistern
- The Hippodrome
- The Istanbul Archaeology Museum
- The Grand Bazaar
- The Süleymaniye Mosque
- The Spice Bazaar
- The Dolmabahçe Palace
- The Chora Church (Kariye Müzesi)
- The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
- The Little Aya Sofya
- The Galata Tower
- The İstiklal Street (Taksim/Beyoğlu)
Special Considerations
Transportation: On the the İstanbul card (6 tl) you can load as much money as you want and use it for public transportation:
- Metro 3 tl
- Bus 3 tl
- Metrobus 4 tl
- Ferry 4 tl.

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