Bukhan Mountain (836m) - The Hidden Wall Trail

Tour Fee
4 hrs
Tour Description
I'll meet you at one of the stations on the Seoul subway system - from there, we will take a bus out of the city to the northwestern side of Bukhansan National Park.
Once we get off the bus, we begin our ascent of Seoul's tallest mountain, via the Hidden Wall trail - one of the quieter but more impressive routes up to the top.
The Hidden Wall takes its name from the fact that it is obscured from view in most parts of the park, yet from the rock itself, you can see views of Insubong and Baekundae (2 of Bukhansan's peaks), as well as neighboring Dobongsan. The Hidden Wall ridge line trail is impressively steep sided and offers a truly rewarding mountain experience.
Once we reach a part of the ridge that is unscalable without climbing equipment, we briefly drop down into a gully that lies in the shadow of Bukhan mountain. From here, we climb up between the peaks, Insubong and Baekundae, squeezing through a narrow gap to breathtaking views over the city of Seoul. Then it is on to the top of Baekundae, to conquer the mountain. After standing on top of Bukhansan, we will choose a descent path according to whatever energy reserves you have left. We will climb down the southern side of the mountain, back into the city, and back onto Seoul's public transport network.

Tour Duration: 5-6 hours
Price for 1:1 guiding. Please inquire about prices for larger groups.
Drinks and snack provided.
Consult with the guide before the tour about appropriate clothing to bring.
Special Considerations
As this trail is very steep in places, suitable hiking footwear is required.
Timing is flexible, so we can set a pace according to your level of fitness, but this trail has a fairly sustained ascent at the start.
No prior climbing experience required.
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