Nairobi Historical Tour

Nairobi, Kenya
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4 hrs
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the cost includes guiding fees and entrance fees only no transport as it is all walking experience
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Nairobi as a city was initially a watering point for the local communities for their cattle. In the late 1800s the railway line arrived in Nairobi changing it to a railway headquarters which attracted settlers and colonialist turning it into a colonial headquarter until independence when it became the capital city of Kenya. In this tour I will show and take you around some historical sites to amazing views of the city sharing history that shaped the city as it is today. The tour ends atop one of the iconic building in Nairobi with a panoramic view of the city from the helipad.
Special Considerations
The tour shall have stopover visits to museums and galleries. The tour cost includes guiding fees and entrance fees without inclusion of any meals
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