Guided By:  Peter

Kamakura Historical Tour

Kamakura, Japan
Tour Fee
5 hrs
Tour Description
We meet at Kamakura Station (about one hour from Tokyo on the Yokosuka Line) at 11am. We'll take a walk up Wakamiya Oji, which means "Street 0f the Young Prince” to Tsurigaoka Hachimangu Shrine, the headquarters of the first shogun, Yoritomo Minamoto. After a light lunch of traditional Japanese fare, we'll walk down the popular shopping street, Komachi-dori and then continue by bus or by train to the must-sees: Hasedera, which houses a beautiful wooden statue of Kannon Bosatsu, and the magnificent Great Buddha, also known as Daibutsu, standing 13+ meters tall. . I'll also show you some hidden, picturesque temples off the beaten track full of peace and tranquility. This is a great opportunity to discover the history and culture of the Kamakura shogunate (1188-1333) and to take professional-quality photographs of the temples, shrines and gardens under the guidance of master photographer Peter Oxley. In any case, it will be a fun day out, informative and yet unhurried.
Special Considerations
Tour does not include, entrance fees to venues, public transportation while in Kamakura, and lunch. (Please budget about $25 per person for these costs).
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Meeting Address
Kamakura Station, East Exit Kamakura, Japan