Sake & Gyoza Tour

Tokyo, Japan
Tour Fee
3 hrs
Tour Description
This tour is designed for people who want to know about Japanese Sake (and want to drink it) and the ones who love gyoza. On this tour I will tell you about Sake as we try different types of nihon-shu and sho-chu. We will experience the Japanese drinking culture together. As we are drinking we will try various gyoza. Though gyoza is not traditionally Japanese, it's made in a Japanese style here and very oishiiii! (delicious) ... this area has a few shops making my favourite gyoza in Japan.
As we enjoy this tour you can ask me about living in Japan, how to get around, Japanese culture or anything else you would like to know.
Special Considerations
Extra costs: Please remember you need to pay for the drinks and the gyoza we have.
Cash, not card: Most places do not except cards so please bring cash with you.
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