Zoshigaya Stroll

Tour Information

Tokyo, Japan
Tour Fee
2 hrs
Tour Description
A leisurely stroll through Zoshigaya, an old town just a walk away from Ikebukuro, (the world's second busiest train station. You'll want to bring a camera to snap photos

On the tour you will see
- an iconic shop whose entrance is covered in sunglasses of every type, selling stylish and junky sunglasses for bargain prices
- Kishibojin temple, dedicated to the cannib Hindu goddess Hariti. The temple shares grounds to a 500 year old snack shop and a gingko tree dating back 600 years
- an Inari shrine dedicated to the fox god, a quiet place with beautiful red torii gates
- Otori shrine, dedicated to Ebisu, the god of wealth and fortune
- A stop by the quiet Chiasma.cafe, my favorite coffee in Tokyo, where the owner roasts his own beans and makes coffee cup by cup
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