Kagurazaka stroll

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Tokyo, Japan
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2 hrs
Tour Description
Enjoy a leiaurely stroll through the cobblestone streets of Kagurazaka, famed for its chic yet traditional atmosphere reminiscent of both Kyoto and Paris.

I will guide you on a mini walk and foodie tour. Some of the stops include:

- Michikusa Yokocho (a small old fashioned drinking street)
- An traditional bathhouse (sento) to admire the building
- The kyotoesque back streets, perfect for pictures
- two reasonably priced textile shops to browse traditional tenugui
- a tea shop selling every kind of Japanese tea you might want to try
- Bishamonten, the temple to the war god bishamon which has, under interesting circumstances, become a mecca for boy band fans.
- Akagi shrine, designed by renowned architect Kuma Kengo who is designing the Tokyo Olympic Stadium
- Coffee or chai at a quaint old cafe with cats

other options:
- shopping for pottery and other souvenirs
- sampling wagashi, the traditional Japanese tea sweets
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