Highlight of Bangkok - Top Attractions

Tour Fee
7 hrs
Tour Description

We will meet at Saphan Taksin skytrain station. Then, we will take a boat ferry in order to embark on the tour to the Grand Palace and the reclining Buddha. Per your request, we can do a quick stop at the temple of dawn as well. All of these places are the top destination of Thailand and you guys will get there just like any locals do. Then, we will stop for lunch in the old town of Bangkok. Later, we will take a canal boat along one of the longest canal in Bangkok. You will experience how Thais normally travel from home to work and get to see the house along the canal with people still live inside. Then, we will go to the local market. It is here where you may more locals shops than the foreigners do, so the price of things is quite reasonable. We can make a quick stop one of the sacred shrine in town which has a very interesting story behind it.
Special Considerations
Please bring a pair of sunglass and hat to prevent sunburn.

If you are here during rainy season, please make sure to bring a long a raincoat or an umbrella.
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Meeting Address
Saphan Taksin BTS station Bangkok, Thailand