Secret Local Rendezvous & the Nightlife Scene

Tokyo, Japan
Tour Fee
3 hrs
Tour Description
First, we will meet at the secret rendezvous point and go to an Izakaya or Yokocho for dinner.
Then we will wander the little back streets and go to hidden away bars. Until we find one we would like to stay at or keep going.
I'll show you the ones I love best, we can chat and drink the night away with the locals.
Additional options:
1. Karaoke: If you are into karaoke or have never tried it before I would recommend this, as it is so much fun. No need to be shy as in Japan you get your own room, so it will be just us and after a few drinks every one becomes very confident.
2. Dancing: If you are into music and dancing then we can go to a "Dj Bar" which is a bar, but they have djs who spin great music and we can dance. Or we can go to a big club.

**We could also do a 5 hour version of this tour, and I do recommend 5 hours, as time flies when you are having fun!

Special Considerations
1. There may be an entrance fee to some dj bars (usually 1000-1500 yen including one drink) and clubs (usually 2000-3500 yen no drinks included).
2. Trains stop running around midnight and start again around 5 am, there are no buses only taxis, so be prepared to do an all-nighter or we can start from 7pm.
3. Please bring cash as some places do not except cards.
4. This tour is for 2 people, if your group has more people, the charge is 5000 yen per extra person and maximum number is 4 people for the tour.
5. Please keep in mind the meal fee and any entrance fees to clubs are to be covered by you. Thank you :)

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