In love with Slow Food

Verona, Italy
Tour Fee
2 hrs
Tour Description
If you do not know what we're talking about, it's the right time to take part in this wonderful tour!

Discover the typical Veronese products that boast the presence at the Slow Food Presidium, such as Stortina, the
Monte Veronese, the Broccoletto di Custoza, the Melo Decio of Belfiore and much more, you will be involved in a fantastic experience discovering the ancient flavors.
During the tasting it will be listed the origin, the characteristics of each product illustrating the production methods.
What is a Slow Food Presidium? Come and find out!

The tour will begin with the presentation of the various products of the Slow Food Presidium, where you will find the Stortina, a salami with garlic or
truffle, Monte Veronese in its various maturations, Broccoletto di Custoza, in a delicious cream or pesto and finally the Melo Decio di Belfiore, listing the origin, the characteristics of each product illustrating the production methods.
You will be involved in an experience different from the usual: we will rediscover together the authentic flavors of the Verona area through the delicious products that it offers us.
Special Considerations
- Italian and English Guide
- Salamini of Stortina Veronese
- Custoza's Broccoli
- Belfiore's Melo Decio
- Monte Veronese (cheese)
- Still water
- Sparkling water
- Bread and breadsticks
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Via Leoncino, 31, 37121, Verona Verona, Italy