Verona Wine Tasting: The Three Classics

Verona, Italy
Tour Fee
2 hrs
Tour Description
Legend tells that the name “Valpolice lla” is derived from the words “valle” “poli” and “ce llae” meaning “valley of many ce llars”. The northern area of Verona’s Province stretching from east to west is traditional wine-producing country. The term “classico” is exclusively applied to wines produced in the oldest wine-producing areas of Negrar, Fumane, Marano, Sant’Ambrogio and San Pietro in Cariano. It has a delicate and winy bouquet reminiscent of bitter almond.

In this tour you will be able to taste our genuine enogastronomic local product as cold cuts, cheeses and Valpolice lla wines. You'll fall in love with our three classics, as: Valpolice lla Classico, Valpolice lla Ripasso and Valpolice lla Superiore.
For each wine will be presented the terroir of origin, grape variety, vinification and organoleptic characteristics.

You will able to combine the wine tasting with cold cuts and cheeses from the Verona area.
Special Considerations
Enogastronomic tasting with:
- Soppressa
- Monte Veronese
- Natural or Sparkling water on request
- Bread and Breadsticks
- Valpolice lla Classico
- Valpolice lla Ripasso
- Valpolice lla Superiore
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