Classic sights in Shanghai

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Shanghai, China
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8 hrs
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taxi fee, meal fee etc
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Sunday or Saturday are available for me, I could meet you at the airport, and I take you to your hotel by taxi, Chinese will be cheaper than foreigner.
I could also book the hotel to you if you need. Marriott Hotel(5 star hotel), about 300dollars per day, if you want to book a cheaper hotel(3 star hotel), about 50 dollars per day.
I could take you to the the oriental pearl TV tower, if you like, we could choose buffet dinner in the TV tower.
After that, we could go to Nanjing Pedestrian Mall, Yu Garden, Jinjiang paradise, see a movie, Tian Zi Fang or other place if you like. Longhua Temple is also a place which you could travel to.
We could also eat local tidbits, it will about up to 10 dollars for every meal.

I have a daughter, she is 8 years old now..

At last, hope you have a nice journey in China Shanghai.
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If you need invoice, please send a message to me.
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