Florence the walking back on time tour.

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Florence, Italy
Tour Fee
2 hrs
Tour Description
Starting from San Lorenzo's church to end at the famous old ponte vecchio, We will talk about the flourishment of a city . One of the most powerful cities at that time: Florence!.Will discuss about art,religion and even love!I'll be a wonderfoul walk -back on time!!.
Special Considerations
In two hours we can see so much so you have three options to make a special tour:

1-Tour :back-on time : with entrance to the Duomo with ticket additional fee.
2-Tour :back-on time: Tour without the Duomo's entrance but with an interesting visit to the little museum of la misericorda that is a very well know association since the Lorenzo's the magnificent years, to see some of the abits they use during their most hard helpers years to the florentines in 1348 when the bubonic disease came to Florence.With the ticket fee for the museum.
3-Simple tour back-on time : just around Florence magic places.
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Meeting Address
Infront of the" facade " of San Lorenzo's church in the place. Florence, Italy