Eat & See in Chania

Crete, Greece
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3 hrs
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Entrance to mosque and synagogue, food sampling, coffee break, tapas and drinks
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Tour Description
We start our tour at the entrance of the Agora, the local Municipal Market. We will walk along the aisles discovering the culinary traditions of one of the biggest markets in the Balkans, a journey into the traditional tastes of the Cretan diet. Cheese, bread, olive oil, honey, and spices are some of the products you will be able to sample on the spot.

We exit the back gate of the market to step into the magic alleys of the Old Town. We will learn about the last local arts and crafts still surviving on the island: pottery, soap making, leather crafting, and knife making. Our stroll goes on along the streets of the Christian district, with a visit to the two most representative churches in town, the Orthodox Cathedral, and the Catholic Church. Then, we venture in the tiny, hidden Jewish quarter, once ghetto and now home to one of the oldest Synagogues in the Mediterranean, home to a natural mikvah with spring waters coming directly from the White Mountains.

We will admire the years of the Cretan Renaissance and the Venetian domination while visiting the Venetian neighborhood and some of the most beautiful Palazzi, once home to doges, governatori and rulers of the Venice of the East, as Chania was known during that period.

It's time for a cup of Greek coffee with the refreshing background of the Old Venetian Harbor. We walk along the New Marina where we will discover the structure of the impressive dockyards, back in time home to the Venetian fleet during Winter. Small paths and hidden alleys now lead our way through the unique atmosphere of the Turkish district. Minarets, wooden balconies and a bohemian vibe that still pulses vividly in the heart of the city.

Our final stop and break will be in one of the most beloved cafès in town, under the shade of a centennial plane tree, full of history and legends. We will raise our glasses for a toast with the local spirit, tsikoudia, and we will taste a delicious selection of local tapas, mouthwatering dolmades, keftedes and rusks with olives, tasty enough to put an impeccable day discovering the tastes and sights of Chania, Crete.
Special Considerations
Please do not forget to wear comfortable shoes as this is a walking tour. Hat and sunglasses are also a good idea in the summertime as well as sun protection. We can get bottles of cold water during our way.
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Municipal Market of Chania Crete, Greece