Lima downtown as a local - Express Tour

Tour Information

Lima, Peru
Tour Fee
4 hrs
Additional Fees
Additional Fees Description
- Snack time in Chocomuseum per person: USD 5 aprox - Coffee time in Peruvian Coffee House per person USD 5 aprox - Museum ticket: USD 3 per person aprox
Total Fees
Tour Description
Discover the capital of Peru in an express way:

- Peruvian Government Palace
- Main square
- Cathedral of Lima
- Chocomuseum: Snack time for pals!
- San Francisco church, museum and catacombs
- Peruvian Coffee House: Coffee time for pals!
Special Considerations
- Meals and tickets for some attractions for the visitors and for your local pal are not included and they should be covered.
- The tour is offered for up to 3 people, USD 25 will be charge for each additional person
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Meeting Address
Peruvian Government Palace (left entrance, in front of the Casa Aliaga) Lima, Peru