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Rimac: A Hidden Treasure of Lima

Lima, Peru
Tour Fee
4 hrs
Additional Fees
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- Lunch per person: (USD)$5 - $8 aprox - Museum ticket: (USD)$3 per person aprox - Taxi in the area and local transportation: (USD)$3 aprox
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Tour Description
Rimac is one of the 43 districts of the city of Lima and it is next to the Historic area which is a World Heritage Center by UNESCO. This district is also member of the Organization of World Heritage Cities. Rimac has several rich historical sites, streets, and monuments that make a very worthy visit to do: Convento de los Descalzos (XVI century), Alameda de los Descalzos, Paseo de Aguas, Jr. Trujillo and its balconies, the smallest chapel in the world: Nuestra Señora del Rosario, San Lazaro Church and Plaza de Toros de Acho.

The Alameda de los Descalzos is an elegant avenue constructed in 1611 by Viceroy Juan de Mendoza y Luna, Marquis of Montesclaros. Together with Paseo de Aguas which was constructed in 1770 by Viceroy Manuel de Amat y Juniet. The Alameda de los Descalzos has 6 small sculptures and other big 12 marble sculptures that are related to the zodiac and the Greek gods. In 1856 it was refurbished with the installation of a wrought-iron fence imported from England and large entrance gates. This together with marble benches and gardens with beautiful flowers, makes it a urban beauty in the area. The Paseo de las Aguas is very near the “Plaza de Toros de Acho”, bullring built in the colonial times. The park has a big arch as an entrance, gardens, and water fountains.

Summary of the Itinerary:
- Jr. Trujillo
- The Santa Rosario Chapel
- The San Lazaro Church
- Paseo de Aguas
- Alameda de los Descalzos
- Santa Liberata Church
- Convento de Los Descalzos
- Los Descalzos museum (fee not included)
- Alameda de los Bobos
- Snack or lunch in the heart of Rimac district (not included)
Special Considerations
- Meals and tickets for some attractions for the visitors and for your local CityPal are not included and they should be covered.
- The tour is offered for up to 3 people, (USD)$25 will be charge for each additional person
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