Prague to Kutná Hora

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6 hrs
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Up to four travelers in a car. This fee includes guide fees, driver, car rental and gas. It does not include entrance fees, meals and beverages.
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A day tour from Prague to Kutná Hora, a small city/town famous for its beautiful church in the city center. Kutná Hora is also known for the curious "Bone Church" or Ossuary (in Czech Kostnice). It is located in the suburb of Sedlec. The Ossuary is in the undergroud chapel of the Church of All Saints. It contains the bones of about 40,000 people who died of the plague in 1318 and during the Hussite wars in the 15th century. They were originaly buried at the church cemetery. When the cemetery was closed at the end of the 15th century, the exhumed bones were transferred to the chapel and compiled into pyramids. In 1870, František Rint of Česká Skalice arranged the bones and skulls into creative decorations that include bells, the Schwarzenberg coat-of-arms, and a chandelier.
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