Trump's Childhood Home

Tour Fee
2 hrs
Tour Description
I will take you around the Queens, NY area. You can also see Donald Trump's Childhood Home where he grew up in which now rents for about $725/night and was just sold for about $2,000,000+. We can also get lunch in the area here as we have a well diverse array of food. Queens, NY has the most languages spoken in the world in this borough. There are 176 different languages spoken by people residing in Queens, New York. For ease you can take the A train to the Last Stop (lefferts blvd) I can then drive you around these different areas.
Special Considerations
I will pay for your lunch if you are 1 person taking the trip. If more than 1 this offer is not included.
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Meeting Address
Lefferts Blvd & Liberty Avenue. (Last Stop on the A train) Brooklyn, NY, United States