Payments & Cancellation Policy

Fees - Fees are charged from the traveler immediately when booking and payment information is submitted. Credit card payments for booking on Citypals is done using the Stripe platform. A processing fee of $3 is charged for each transaction.

Hourly Rate and Cancelation Policy - The hourly rates and the cancellation requirements are set by the site visit providers. Site visit providers set their profiles with per hour fees with a minimum of $7 per hour (transaction and commission fees will apply) and a 24hr or 48hr or 72hr cancellation option. A booking which is canceled by the traveler after the required cancellation timeframe (set by the provider), will be nonrefundable. A booking which was canceled by the traveler before the required cancellation timeframe (set by the provider) will be refunded excluding the $3 transaction fee. Bookings that were canceled by the provider will be fully refunded to the traveler (includes all processing fees)

Payouts to Providers - Payout to the providers is available only 24 hours after the tour is completed and there have been no reports or complaints from either the provider or the traveler. Citypals deducts a commission fee (approximately 15%) from the final booking price before making a payment to the providers