Our Story

The idea for CityPals came to us in 2016 on beautiful summer day in Vienna. We were on a family trip to Austria and Slovakia. A childhood friend saw our Facebook posts and pictures from Bratislava and offered to take us on a tour of Vienna where he was now living. And he guaranteed that both we parents and our kids would be entertained.

We had an excellent time with him, rekindling a friendship and enjoying an experience that only a local could have provided. This sparked the idea behind CityPals: to offer world travelers a platform on which to connect with locals while giving both a chance for friendship and companionship.

Back home in Los Angeles, we immediately started to design, develop and then launch CityPals. Our first CityPals tour was booked in September 2017 in New York. A young Australian family with five kids hired a Manhattan CityPal to show them around the Big Apple and help to navigate the subway system and the sites.

Denisa and Amotz

Cofounders - Denisa and Amotz

Steadily, CityPals began to register in more and more cities, tour bookings increased and in June 2018 the awesome CityPals App was launched.

Every day, our team is inspired by stories from every corner of the globe where CityPals have gone out of their way to assist travelers with their journeys. Our CityPals provide valuable information, local advice, unique experiences and most importantly companionship to travelers seeking a meaningful way to explore the world.

Two years into it, CityPals has succeeded in realizing our vision to change the way people explore the world by facilitating human connections, companionship and cultural exchange.

What sets us apart?

CityPals at a Glance:


Max lending a paw and doing some customer support work