Booking Advice

Here are a few tips to help you to book tours and experiences with CityPals.

Ways To Book

Open Tour Request - broadcast a request to all CityPals in your destination City. Then choose the offer that best fits your needs. Click and pay and you'll be on your way to explore and travel with a local CityPal.
Request a Tour from a CityPal - send a request to a specific CityPal. Once your CityPal accepts your request, the tour experience will be booked and paid for.
Featured Tour Request - choose an itinerary created by a CityPal in your destination City. Once the hosting CityPal accepts your request, the featured tour experience will be booked and paid for.


Payments for tours can only be done through the site or app. For a faster booking experience, you can safely store your credit card information under the My Wallet.

Messaging a CityPal

Direct message CityPals to discuss plans, itineraries and availability. However, booking and paying for a tour can only be done using the booking button on the app or site. Messaging is very easy using the CityPals App (download on Google Play or the Apple App Store). We do NOT allow travelers and CityPals to exchange contact information prior to booking and paying for a tour.

Custom Offers

CityPals whom you contact can send you a custom offer for a tour or experience based on your discussion and requirements. Review the date(s), itinerary and fees of the Custom Offer before you confirm and pay for your tour or experience.

Cancel a Booking

Make sure you read the cancelation policy which each CityPal includes on their profile (24, 48 or 72 hours). Please also read our booking cancelation policy before booking your tour.

Aligning Expectations

Let the CityPal know what you expect from your tour or experience. Be sure to tell your CityPal about your likes and dislikes and about any restrictions you may have.

Individual or Group

Tell your CityPal if you are traveling solo or with a group. There are NO extra fees for extra people, but it is up to the CityPal to decide how many he or she is okay hosting on a booked tour.

Keep in Touch

Make sure to communicate with your CityPal and let him or her know anytime you need to make changes to your plans.

Running Late?

Be sure to contact your CityPal if you are delayed.


We strongly recommend communicating with your CityPal via the CityPals app/site to make sure there is a record of your interaction in the unlikely case a dispute arises.

Need Help?

Contact us if you experience any trouble or have any questions about your booking before, during or even after your tour. We are always ready to help.